What is a responsive website?

Short Answer:
A website that looks and works good on all devices.

We build sites that work on all screen sizes and devices

Long Answer:
A responsive website uses modern web technologies to adapt to the screen it is viewed on wheteher that be a desktop computer, A laptop, a tablet or a phone. The majority of daily google searches are made on a mobile device and this amount of mobile users are increasing daily.

Why should my website be responsive?

This is not a simple answer. There are many reasons that your website should be responsive. Here is a list of 5 reasons your website should look and work great on any device.

  • Google
  • Google is now indexing mobile sites first. What this means for you as a website owner is your important content should be available on mobile devices. For example if you hide certain content on mobile it will not be indexed.

  • UX
  • User Experience(UX) is a key factor to a websites success. The better your user's experience the more time users will spend more time at your website. If your website provides users with a great experience the more likely they will return to your website which will boost your user retention and your sites search rank.

  • Almost 60% of web searches are made from mobile devices
  • If your website does not work well on mobile devices users will leave. The more user that leave will hurt your google ranking. This is called bounce rate. If a user leaves a site after only spending a short time their this will weigh againt your websites ranking on google and other search engines.

  • Reach all of your customers
  • It's important to reach all of the customers that you can. This is why a responsive website is needed to ensure that your website provides a great UX, is easy to use, and adapts to all screen sizes.

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What factors make up a great User Experience (UX)?

We build sites that work on all screen sizes and devices

  • An intuitive and Easy to navigate website
  • Click phone numbers to call
  • Always provide the user with the easiest form filling experience
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