SEO is Constantly Evolving

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Google is constanly working on it's search engine algorithms and as they are constantly evolving so must your website and SEO tactics. It's not a set-it-and-forget-it type of thing anymore. In order to stay at the top of ranming position you have to constantly refine and monitor and refine again to ensure that your website shows up on the first page of Google.


Keyword Research

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I do the research to find keywords that are going to get you a quality traffic Not Just Hits. It's not all about the quantity of traffic but the quality. Bad traffic such as users that go to your site and immediately leave negatively impact your search ranking. I monitor your sites performance and rank to proactively fix issues as they arise.

Other SEO Services

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Custom Landing Pages

Do you need to target new keywords in order to get more traffic? Are you trying to promote a specific service or other conversion goal but aren't gaining any traction? Custom landing pages perfect tool to use to drive more traffic to your website for a specific reason or call to action. Let us design, build and host the perfect landing page for our product or service

Fully SEO Optimized Websites

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We take pride in following best practices and coding standards to ensure that your website is fully SEO optimized. We leverage over 20 years experience building discoveralble , search engine friendly websites to ensure that your website takes every advantage that it can over your competitors website. We dot all the i's and cross all the t's to make sure that all elements on your website that are fully optimized and search engine friendly.

Reporting to keep you informed

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We can provide you with fully customized reports in order to keep you informed of your website's progress. Keep track of number of visitors, geographic location, referrer, and much much more. We can send you website statistic reports that are compiled and sent weekly, monthly or quarterly!

SEO Consulting Services

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I can offer guidance and give you things that you can do to also improve your SEO. there is no magic bullet when it comes to SEO and getting to the first page of Google. It takes time monitoring in order to formulate constant strategy and planning modification to get to the top of google and to stay there.